Monday, 21 January 2013


I finally figured out how to render out wireframes, thanks to Digital Tutors. Here is the final diffuse along side a spec render and a vector render of the wireframe.

  Here is one of the wire frames on a plane grey backround, I just liked the look of it,
 And finally here is some of the renders I did to try get a good colour to go with the backround of my showreel

Monday, 14 January 2013


I'v brought him into mudbox to get him textured.

This is how his skin turned out after trying a few shades of green and playing with some secularity and a few different brushes. Hopefully I can get something close to this rendered in Maya.

and a turn table of the mudbox.


Following one of the rigging tutorial from digital tutors I got him rigged. Its a simple enough rig but there is a control fir his hips as well as a center of gravity. I added attributes for bending the second and 3rd knuckle in each finger as well as one for the foot roll which you can see below.

He still doesn't have a name.

Wireframe finished

Some screen caps of the finished wireframe, he is quite low poly but i will only be applying a simple rigg so that shouldn't stand against me.


Image planes for the alien I'm making in Maya, he still needs a name. :s

Learning Maya

A robot I made as a project to get used to modelling in Maya. The textures could use some work but ill need to get more used to the hypershade before I tackle them.

I call him Dr.Robot!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

mudbox sculpts

Brought the meshes into Max and added some details, I'm quite happy with how the skin turned out.